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TheVisionaires, Inc.





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Making Lasting Change, Together

The Visionaires aim to make a profound impact in the  Gainesville community and beyond. Our initiatives and activities are designed to catalyze true empowerment for the African American community and Gainesville at Large. Above all, dedication is at the heart and soul of everything that we do.

Welcome to Our New Visionaires Sisters


It is with great joy that we welcome our new sisters to our dynamic and empowering organization! We are excited to have you join us on this journey of connection, support, and community outreach. Our community thrives on the principles of friendship, mutual respect, and shared experiences. Here, you will find a diverse group of passionate and inspiring women who are eager to embrace new members with open arms. Together, we cultivate a space where every voice is valued, every achievement is celebrated, and every challenge is met with steadfast support. We are thrilled to grow, laugh, and thrive alongside you as part of our sisterhood. Welcome to our family!

Justice on Trial - Reloaded June 16th

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Various social justice and racial inclusion organizations are presenting the off-Broadway touring play, "Justice on Trial: Reloaded" in Gainesville on June 16 as a pre-Juneteenth production. Our President, Cynthia Chestnut is being honored at the VIP reception, as well as the late Charles S. Chestnut, III
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  • Next Meeting June 21st - Location TBD
Congratulations to Our FY24 Scholarship Recipients: Adrianna Peterson and Victoria Leath

Victoria Leath 2024 Scholarship Recipient


Adrianna Peterson 2024 Scholarship Recipient

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Voter Mail-In Ballot  Campaign 
Don't forget to distribute your cards to get the work out!

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