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About the Candidates

Ms. Florida Bridgewater-Alford

Ms. Bridgewater-Alford has supported and attended many Visionaires activities over the span of 20 years. She is a Mother and serves in the position of Public Relations for the President of the University of Florida. She was an editor at the Gainesville Sun newspaper, so she can assist with editing newsletters and correspondence.  She has adult children which provides her with more available time.

Ms. Tametria Campbell

Ms. Campbell has attended the following Visionaires events: Painting with a Twist, the Visionaires Holiday Party, the String Queens concert and the 86th Anniversary Service and Brunch.  Ms. Campbell works for the city of Gainesville and she is dedicated to community service.  She loves people and would enhance our sisterhood with her sunny disposition and willingness to help others.  Ms. Campbell is a willing worker and would be a great addition to our club.

Dr. Bertha Cato

Dr. Cato attended the Visionaires Christmas Party and the Anniversary Celebration. She is a retired University of Florida Professor in Tourism and Recreation, an avid traveler, great fundraiser with organizational and management skills. She is a Docent at the Harn Museum and works well with people from all walks of life.

Voting Ballot-fotor-20240317184313.jpg
Voting Ballot-fotor-20240317184313.jpg

Rules for Voting
(Per the Visionaires By-Laws)
REMEMBER you can select up to 3 candidates, if you choose to do so.

B. New Members

     I. Membership shall be opened at the first Fall meeting by a two-thirds vote of the active membership present and voting.

     2. After the membership has be opened, sponsors may submit names and qualifications of  the prospective members to the Visionaires body in writing.

     3. A prospective member(s) may be invited to at least one activity before a vote for inclusion into membership is taken.

     4. The vote on prospective members shall be held in March.

     5. A majority of the active membership must be present when the vote is taken.

     6. A prospective member receiving a favorable vote of  two-thirds of the majority voting shall receive a written invitation to join the organization. She must accept, in writing, within a two-week period from the date ofthe invitation in order to be initiated.

     7. A prospective member who accepts the invitation will be initiated in May of that year.

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